How can we promote a brand on social media? Especially using Google Plus

1. Create a page in Google Plus
2. Fill the compete profile – About page, Cover photo, Profile Pic ..etc
     a. Try to write a good introduction and make sure that you used good set 
         of keywords (SEO TIP)
     b. Contact info is a must
     c. Links to the website and other channels as well.
3. Search for your competitors pages or pages similar to you. Analyse them. 
4. Search for your industry influencers. Add them or follow them. It is a way to 
    let them know that you are present in google plus. If required say hello.
5. Important and useful point is google plus pages can participate in google plus 
6. Search and join relevant communities of your industry and be active.
7. Google plus page can even start a community. Having a community of your 
    own and making sure valuable conversations to happen can be a good reason
    to improve your visibility across your industry and brand value.
8. Make sure to do atleast one post a day.
9. They say, Pictures speaks 1000 words. I say picture with a caption or a note 
    speak exactly what you want that picture to speak. 
10. Associate your other social networks accounts with google plus in links 
    section in profile page. 
11. Go to settings page and customise the tabs you would like to have in your 
12. Google plus had a benefit, you can customise to whom you are sharing a 
13. Another important feature, hashtags. We already know a lot about hashtags. 
     Google plus has another perk with hashtags. It automatically adds few more 
     hashtags which it feels related to the post and the author of the post can 
     always edit them. It is called ‘Related hashtags’.
14. Similar to Twitter it also has trending hashtags. 
15. Don’t forget to promote your google plus page through other social 
      sites like twitter and facebook.
16. Update Google plus cover photos regularly.

How to Turn Your Brand Into a Media

I pooped scoop it!

I pooped it…you scoop it! (Photo credit: lydia_shiningbrightly)

スーパオマン「Couch Potato Kids」

スーパオマン「Couch Potato Kids」 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relationship between trade marks and brand

Relationship between trade marks and brand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Automated Social Shares via

Automated Social Shares via (Photo credit: JNFerree)

Image representing as depicted in Cru...

Image by None via CrunchBase

Cool Toys Pic of the day -

Cool Toys Pic of the day – (Photo credit: rosefirerising)


スーパオマン(いとうぱお) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Turn Your Brand Into a Media

While we’ve now seen the power of brand content, it remains very hard for even the largest brands to implement successfully. In addition, it doesn’t solve the question of how to engage an audience on a daily basis. To do so, brands have to become media.

But how?

Very few companies can successfully become integrated media companies like RedBull for instance. Interestingly the media model itself changed over the last few years as we’ve seen with the success of the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Upworthy which all have in common that they don’t produce all the content they publish. Content curation is the common keyword to these post Web 2.0 new media rockstars. In preparing this talk, I considered the alternative curation creates for brands and highlighted a few case studies of successful implementations that leverage content curation as a way for brands to become media.

And for those who prefer to watch it, here’s the video of the talk at LeWeb: